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A guide to directory submissions

Webcredible a London based usability and accessibility consultancy has just published a guide to directory submissions in which World Site Index is listed as one of the recommended directories.

In our opinion this guide is worth a read by all those involved in submitting sites to directories. Of particular note is the section on choosing anchor text for your listing.

Anchor text selection might not seem a big deal, but as a directory we see a significant number of submitters, even professional submission companies, simply ignore our requirements and stuff the anchor text, title, with as many keywords as possible. These people often complain when their anchor text is changed and in some extreme cases the result is removal and banning of their site from the directory.

Following the advice given in the article will place submitters to World Site Index in a much stronger position to have their preferred anchor text used.

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  1. Comment by — June 26th, 2008 @ 1:27 am

    World Site Index is a quality directory and we are adding it to our new website at where we will be providing all of the best free resources for webmasters on a budget. We don’t rely on automatic submission tools (except for a couple that save us a little time and submit to a select few directories)and prefer to list manually even though it takes longer. Although some of those mass submission tools are touted as extreme time savers, they tend to cater to low-end directories and search engines that will add just about anything and can alienate some of the better sites because of their strict adherence to formatting and proper submission criteria.

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