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Automatic filtering of submissions

For some time now World Site Index has run an interactive filter on all new submissions, this filter checks the title and description for common problems such as keyword stuffing of the description, or duplicating the tile within the description.

For those that are interested the filter is written in PHP and is made freely available from our main site, just follow the link to the directory submission filter page.

As with any automated system it doesn’t get it right all the time, sometimes it is too strict other times too lenient.

Recently we disabled the filter for a couple of days to see what would happen to the quality of the submissions and if it was practical to remove the filter completely. The results were as we expected and very disappointing. The bulk of the submissions for the time the filter was disabled were deleted because almost no effort was made with them.


Messaging in Flash

The initial rollout of our instant messaging network included a JavaScript client, JWChat, which allowed access to 2CatNow via a web interface.

Since then we came across XIFFIAN which is a Flash based Jabber client, after a few tests it proved to be more acceptable to users, it also works over a wider range of browsers as it is Flash based and not reliant on JavaScript functionality.

To top this off we can also allow the user to select, from a simple drop down menu, a conference room to automatically join on logging in.

The main 2ChatNow page has been updated to offer only the Flash client, with the JavaScript client being made available at

Instant Messaging

World Site Index adds an instant messaging network with conference room support this new service, 2ChatNow, allows people to chat privately in real-time or meet and chat in groups.

2ChatNow is built on the open XMPP protocol so virtually any Jabber client can be used with the service, some clients such as neos mt not only allow for text chat but also allow for full voice and video based chat. At the other end of the scale there are Jabber clients available for mobile phones, PDAs and other wireless devices.

As well as being able to use your choice of client 2ChatNow can also support federation with other Jabber servers allowing you to chat with your friends even if they do not have a 2ChatNow account.

For the times when you need to jump on for a few minutes but the PC you are at doesn’t have a Jabber client installed, we have provided a web interface which makes use of JWChat.

To find out more about 2ChatNow and start using the service, please visit the main 2ChatNow page.

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